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Hi, I'm Amanda (also known as Head Sewer/Designer, Mum and The Wife).

PamperCaps started purely by accident. I had no idea that by sharing my "Little House on the Prairie" cap (as my husband dubbed it),  I would be creating a monster!  All I needed was something that would free me up from being under the hair-dryer for 20 minutes once a week, directing heat onto my deep conditioning treatment. I mean seriously, who has time for that these days? The PamperCap was cordless, natural and easy to wear and care for. 

After sharing my first PamperCap online with my friends, I realised that there were a lot of people out there that could really benefit from one. And so PamperCaps was born!

I make all PamperCaps personally, and usually manage to get out a batch or two per month. If you have any questions about PamperCaps (or anything else on the site), please drop me a line. 

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