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Deep Conditioning Treatment Benefits

CLICK HERE to read all about deep conditioning treatments and how a thermal heat cap like PamperCaps can turbo-charge your hair health (thanks DevaCurl!).

It's no secret that making a deep conditioning treatment for your hair a regular part of your beauty regime is beneficial. A quick Google search will explain to you exactly how beneficial but the basics are these: deep conditioning treatments used with heat work better, getting deep into the hair shaft to make your hair shinier, healthier, stronger and bouncier. It's also a great way to keep your scalp moisturised and in good shape! Personally, I do a deep treatment weekly and I saw the benefits of this immediately, as well as the amazing increase in volume and health in my hair and scalp over time. 

The problem wasn't with the treatments themselves but the time it took out of my busy day to apply heat via a hairdryer. It really wasn't practical! Hence the need for something that would supply heat AND be cordless. This is where your PamperCap really comes into it's own. It allows you to apply your treatment, apply heat for the extra boost, but keep your hands free and continue with whatever you need to do. Of course, the alternative is to sit back and put your feet up while all the goodness is soaking into your hair. The choice is yours!

All About Protein


What is protein? What's the best way to get it into my hair? How do I tell if I even need it? How do I spot protein in the ingredients list? What is protein overload and how do I avoid it? All those questions and more are covered in this superb Protein 101 article by 

DIY Deep Conditioning Treatment

If you don't have a store-bought deep conditioning treatment, you can easily make one yourself. Just add your regular conditioner (as much as you would normally use for your hair) to 1-2 tsp of a moisturising oil such as macadamia, sweet almond or avocado oil. Mix together in a mug and microwave for 10-15 seconds. Apply this to your freshly shampooed and gently towel-dried hair, ensuring you cover all strands. Clip up your hair, cover with a plastic shower cap and top off with your heated PamperCap. Wear for 20-30 minutes before washing out. Apply your stying products as usual.

To maximise the effect of your regular deep conditioning treatment, try adding a rice water rinse to your routine. Do this before the deep conditioning treatment. It is very important to balance out the rice water rinse (protein) with the conditioning treatment (moisture).

Just be aware though - every head of hair is different, so start out slow. Try a deep conditioning treatment once a month. If your hair responds well and it seems like you need it more regularly, try twice a month. If you feel you could benefit from more regularly, try weekly - but keep an eye on the moisture levels of your hair. Be on the lookout for hygral fatigue, a condition where your hair gets OVER moisturised (yep, it's a thing). You can check out this article for how to reverse hygral fatigue, too. Personally, I've found that doing a rice water rinse (which adds protein) twice a week for as long as it takes (a week, a month - we're all different) really helps. Short version: start slow and monitor your hair :-) That balance of moisture and protein is so important! Not sure what do do or how to check the moisture/protein balance of your hair? Luckily this informative article from gives you some great tips! 

DIY Protein Treatment

Here's the DIY gelatine protein treatment recipe that I use and can personally guarantee works.

The Curly Girl Method

Those who follow Lorraine Massey's Curly Girl method will really benefit from the use of a PamperCap. Do you have curly or wavy hair? Make sure you check out Lorraine's book - it's been a game-changer for curly girls like me!

Some other methods that I swear by are:
The Bowl Method - as explained by the lovely PowerDomi on Instagram

The Hover Method - diffusing as explained by Manes by Mell on YouTube

Wet Plopping - again explained by PowerDomi on Instagram

Caring for your PamperCap

PamperCaps must not be immersed in water but you can spot clean them if necessary.

Always wear a plastic shower cap (the disposable ones are perfect) over your hair and before putting on your PamperCap. Your PamperCap should not come into direct contact with wet hair.

Every microwave is different but a general guide is to microwave your PamperCap for one minute and then check it. If it's not hot enough, microwave for another minute. Do not microwave for longer than two minutes. If you're doing a long (30 minute+) treatment and your PamperCap loses heat, you can microwave it again for a further minute or two at that stage.

Your PamperCap is designed to sit comfortably on your head so as not to cause undue pressure. It should not be tight.

Inside and outside layers are made from cotton fabric and are microwave-safe.

Your PamperCap is scent-free and filled with long grain rice, which should last 2+ years under regular conditions.

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