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Helpful Links

Below are some helpful links to NZ suppliers I've personally found to be wonderful. They could all do with your support, especially during these crazy times :-)


Constant Curls

NZ supplier of JessiCurls (including samples), Ecoslay Orange Marmalade, Giovanni, metal hair picks and satin scrunchies (among other things).

Curls Naturally

NZ supplier of Innersense, Ecoslay, CurlyWorld, Boucleme, Long Hair Don't Care, Clever Curl and Everescents products (among other things).

The Curl Next Door

Curl specialist, curl cuts, curl lessons, curl workshops, curl education for stylists and wholesaling of Clever Curl and Everescents products for suitably trained NZ stylists and salons.

Facebook: Curl Specialist Hair Stylists - NZ Training Info Directory

Information for the public and stylists about international, grass-roots-trusted and recognised curl specialist education opportunities. Information for the public about who in NZ has undertaken specialist curl training. Support, advocacy and co-ordination of any group initiatives for the stylists who have undertaken this training. A great resource!

Back 2 Nature

Amazing henna, cassia, amla and neem powders from this NZ supplier. I've been using their henna and amla on my hair for a couple of years and it is THE BEST! Leaves my hair super soft and shiny and is so easy to use. Very reasonably priced too. They sell on TradeMe as well as via their website. Tell them I sent you :-)

Lusid Hair

Lusid is a New Zealand hair care manufacturer based in Auckland. Lusid manufacturers eco-friendly hair care products which are inclusive of all hair types. All their ingredients contain absolutely no silicones, no parabens, no harsh sulfates and are free from microplastics. Great for your hair and good for the planet! (I personally recommend the Deep Conditioning Mask - wowsers!).


Gorgeous haircare range packed full of curl-friendly vegan goodness including Botanical Actives grown right here in New Zealand.

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