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Reviews/Feedback Received

The following feedback has been gratefully received from customers (thanks so much!). I love hearing from customers about how my products are helping their hair :-)

"I love the way my hair feels after deep conditioning with the pamper cap. It is easy to use and comfortable to wear. It arrived promptly and was exactly as advertised." 
- M. Hall, NSW, Australia

"Absolutely loving it. I use it once a week with a treatment in my hair and it frees me up to do other things while the treatment is on. I also use it when i have an infrared sauna as it protects my hair as saunas can dry my hair out. Great product and I highly recommend it." 
- M. Gwin, Victoria, Australia

"After many years of straightening my hair I decided to embrace my natural curls. I heard about the benefits of heat to boost my deep conditioning treatments and came across Pamper Caps. I placed an order and was really pleased with how fast it arrived. It was beautifully packaged and very well made!! Thank you Amanda, I love it and look forward to my weekly Pamper Nights." 
- KJ, Palmerston North, NZ

"I just love it!! I use it whenever deep conditioning and now when I henna for super-easy-to-apply heat and the best thing is I can still carry on doing whatever I need to do as it stays on great and evenly distributes the heat to all my hair. Totally recommend getting one to make life so much easier!" 
- Dawn H, Auckland, NZ

"It is absolutely wonderful and my hair feels great! Plus I do it once a week and now I can't live without it." 
- Melanie W, Christchurch, NZ

"I have been so impressed with my PamperCap that I’ve ordered one as a gift for a family member. The caps are beautifully made. Best of all, I can do my regular deep conditioning treatments hands-free, allowing me to do other things at the same time."

- Ellen C, Paraparaumu, NZ

"I did a deep condition on Sunday and it was so easy with my pamper cap ... I could wizz around the kitchen making lunch while my hair was under the cap. I was also really happy with how my curls came out ... really nicely defined and less frizz. 

Thanks so much! Very happy with my pamper cap :)"

- Verusha W, Hamilton, NZ

"I absolutely love  my pamper cap that I bought about 3 weeks ago. I follow the Curly Girl Method and deep condition my hair once a week. The cap has made the routine so much easier, I actually leave it on for an hour (put in microwave twice) and it holds the heat for about 30 mins. My hair always feels so nourished and hydrated afterwards and once I have finished my styling (scrunch in leave in conditioner and gel then diffuse dry) my curls are well defined and soft. The cap truly is a game changer for me plus I love the cute floral one I bought and the quality is A+++. Thanks Pamper Caps for a brilliant product!"

- Kym C, Queensland, Australia

"Many thanks for a beautiful beanie. It looks so warm and fits so snugly so I'll feel very comfortable going out in the early morning to feed the birds. At this time in Christchurch it can get very cold."

- Helen, Christchurch, NZ

"I use my SnowCap under my bike helmet. It's perfect! The QuenchCap is great for my longer and lots of hair (standard shower caps are useless)."
- Kirsten, Auckland, NZ

"I got it yesterday, and tried it out last night - I LOVE it!!!

So beautiful and comfortable to wear!"

- Natalie, Wellington, NZ (re: NightCap for Long Hair)

"“Buying my PamperCap was a great investment. I love the way my hair sits after use and I use less hair product as a result. Highly recommended!”

- Helen, Christchurch, NZ

I hadn’t even known these existed! What a fantastic idea and so much easier than wrapping a bulky hot towel around your head. PamperCaps are very well made (love the choice of colours too) and I use mine weekly for a deep conditioning treatment. My hair loves it and has never been in better condition. The cap holds its warmth nicely for the 30 mins I need and will be extra luxurious during the colder months. I highly recommend.”

- Anna, Christchurch, NZ

"Not only do PamperCaps provide deep conditioning benefits, but they also create a relaxing and spa-like experience. Imagine treating yourself to a luxurious hair treatment in the comfort of your own home. Gone are the days of spending a fortune at the salon for a deep conditioning treatment. With a PamperCap, you can achieve the same results for a fraction of the cost."

- Jen, Auckland, NZ

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