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Li'l Cherubs NightCap - Pink Galaxy

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Double-sided charmeuse satin NightCap created especially for kids! Li'l Cherubs NightCaps are made the same way as adult NightCaps except for the fact that they are adjustable (yay!).

* They contain two super-lightweight layers of Charmeuse satin - one patterned and one plain (just like my adult NightCaps)
* They are adjustable so will fit every sized head from toddler to teenager, thanks to the adjustable elastic-and-button combo (just pull the elastic out until the cap is the desired size, fastening to the button)
* They are machine washable!

Kids will love wearing these lightweight sleep bonnets and they'll also help to keep their curls in great shape, cutting down on the frizzies (as friction causes frizz). Just make sure you fit it correctly onto your child's head so it's not too loose, and best to make sure the button is NOT on the part of the head that your child sleeps on most often (EG: if they're a stomach sleeper, put the button at the nape of the neck and vice versa - just so it's the most comfortable it can be).

Outer: Charmeuse Satin (patterned)
Inner: Charmeuse Satin (plain)
Colour: Pink and purple outer/white inner
Size: Toddler/Child/Teen (one size fits all due to the adjustable elastic)

Price includes courier within NZ. There will be an additional postage cost for international postage - please see the SHIPPING page to find out what those costs are.

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