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Li'l Cherubs PamperCap - Sporty

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Thermal heat cap created especially for kids! Li'l Cherubs PamperCaps are made with a few major differences from my adult PamperCaps:

* They contain an insulation layer between the flannelette top layer and the towelling inner layer - a gorgeous, thick 100% cotton padding that retains heat without the extra weight of a regular rice-filled PamperCap.
* They are adjustable so will fit every sized head from toddler to teenager, thanks to the adjustable elastic-and-button combo (just pull the elastic out until the cap is the desired size, fastening to the button)
* They are machine washable!
* Super-soft towelling and flannelette, which is gentle against even the most sensitive of skin :-)

Kids will love wearing these lightweight but super-insulating caps! Just like a regular PamperCap, pop it into the microwave for 30-60 seconds to gently heat it up, then pop it onto your child's head, over a plastic shower cap (which adds to the heat retention effect).

- After applying the conditioner/deep conditioning treatment on your child's hair, cover with a plastic shower cap
- Microwave your Li'l Cherubs PamperCap for 30-60 seconds in the microwave and check before placing on child's head, over the plastic shower cap. (Note: microwaves vary with regard to heat so it's always best to check it after 30 seconds, especially on your first use).
- The Li'l Cherubs PamperCap will hold it's heat for 20-30 minutes but the insulating effect of the cotton padding will ensure any heat emitted from your child's head is trapped under the plastic shower cap, which will enhance the effect of the treatment.

The hair shaft will open up as a reaction to the gentle heat and absorb the goodness of the deep conditioning treatment, leaving your child with stronger, shinier, bouncier and healthier hair.

Outer: 100% Cotton Flannelette
Inner: 100% cotton padding, 100% cotton towelling
Colour: White with multi-coloured hearts/white background with multi-coloured spots
Size: Toddler/Child/Teen (one size fits all due to the adjustable elastic)

Price includes courier within NZ. There will be an additional postage cost for international postage - please see the SHIPPING page to find out what those costs are.

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