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NightCap for short hair - Gold/Pink

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NightCaps are perfect for those who want to preserve their hairstyle overnight. Great for fine hair, curly hair, wavy hair or finicky hair (otherwise known as hair that has a mind of it's own!). NightCaps were made especially for those with hair too short to tie up. Wearing one helps to reduce frizz and tangles and makes refreshing your hair in the morning a lot easier.

The NightCap is made from lightweight, gorgeous, super-smooth Charmeuse Satin on both sides so it's fully reversible. The satin will provide minimal friction - unlike cotton - and allow your hair to lie tenderly inside it as it protects your locks from tossing and turning while you sleep. The elastic around the edge will keep your cap in place while you sleep.

- Place the NightCap on your head, satin side against your hair.
- Carefully push your hair up inside the cap.
- Alternatively, if your hair is longer, you may wish to loosely tie your hair up first, then pop your NightCap on your head.
- Alternatively, if volume is an issue and you'd like more of it, tilt your head upside down and feed your hair into the NightCap (you can also use a loose tie if you wish). There are no rules here - try out all these options and see which works the best for your hair!

- NightCaps are machine washable. Air dry only (not suitable for tumble drying due to the charmeuse satin being so delicate).
- If your NightCap moves around a lot during the night, you may wish to secure it with one or two bobby pins at the temple. The choice is yours.

- Charmeuse Satin
- Colour: Pink/Gold
- Size: suitable for those with shorter hair or those with very fine shoulder length hair.

Price includes courier within NZ. There will be an additional postage cost for international postage - please see the SHIPPING page to find out what those costs are.

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