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PlopCaps are the ideal fuss-free way to plop your hair without having to wrangle with the traditional t-shirt! Made from medium weight 100% cotton, they're super soft, super pretty and super easy to use! Waaaay easier than having to try and wrap a t-shirt around your hair while upside down!

To use, open out your PlopCap, flip your hair upside down and either load it into the PlopCap with the ties at the front of your head or at the nape of your neck - it works beautifully either way! Then just cross the ties over and wrap them around your head to secure, tying at either the front or back of your head. And you're done!

A great way for those with low porosity hair to remove some extra moisture and cut drying time in half.

If this page is empty, it means we're currently between batches of PlopCaps but there will be more on the way very soon! The best way to grab one is to sign up to the MAILING LIST to be notified as soon as a new batch is available :-)

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