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QuenchCaps are the ideal fuss-free way to wet plop without having water and product dripping down the back of your neck and the side of your face! With a super-absorbent band, they stretch nice and wide so you can 'load' your soaking wet hair into the cap, then the band absorbs all the extra water that would otherwise drip. Perfect! No having to wear multiple shower caps with a towel draped around your neck!

Kiwi ingenuity at it's absolute best - as an advocate of wet plopping, this was something that I could only stand to do for a few minutes before the dripping drove me nuts. Hence, the QuenchCap, which works beautifully and saved my sanity. Now you can have one too!

If this page is empty, it means we're currently between batches of QuenchCaps but there will be more on the way very soon! The best way to grab one is to sign up to the MAILING LIST to be notified as soon as a new batch is available.

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